Consumes 30% less glue

With Fusion top liner, your glue consumption is lower than ever: up to 30 to 50% less glue is necessary when laminating onto corrugated board.
This means you will benefit from significant cost savings in glue consumption, achieve faster drying times and you are able to speed up print finishing


Fusion is made of 100% virgin fibres and is suitable for direct contact with dry and greasy foods. ISEGA has certified Fusion for all relevant food contact levels in the field of paper and carton.

Less cracking on the fold

The unique structure of Fusion top liner combines strength with flexibility.
The used fibre raw material and coated pigments are well-balanced to meet the high requirements of today’s finishing. With highly precise folds, there is no discernible break, guaranteeing impeccable packaging and displays.

Excellent runability

Excellent running properties enhance the productivity when printing and laminating, regardless of the printing device used. Other advantages are the flatness of the material and the highly homogeneous surface to be printed on. The consistence of glue absorption on the reverse side and the excellent creasing and punching characteristics provide for perfect machine runability during all processing steps. With Fusion, there is no loss from machine stoppers – even with low grammages!

Cuts transport and storage costs

In many cases, using Fusion will enable a reduction in the top liner surface weight used, reducing tooling times as well as transport and storage costs.

Available in sheets and reels

Our Fusion top liner is available in extremely light grammages:

90, 130, 140, 160 and 180 g/m².

You can choose between rolls or formatted goods. Your delivery requirements are an invitation for us to provide a customised service concept. With Fusion, we help you address all of your challenges